Security Services

Badgerland Security will offer the best solution to meet your needs and concerns, and will customize our services to provide you with the most qualified assistance.

Police Division:
- Armed Uniformed Officers
- State Certified
- Proactive Enforcement
- DAAT Certified
- Highly Trained & Experienced
- Best of the Best
Security Division:
- Unarmed Uniformed Officers
- Wisconsin Security Permit
- Proactive Enforcement
- DAAT Certified
- Experienced & Trained 
Housing Police Division:
- Specialists in Housing or Apartment Complex Security
- Patrol & Protection Services Special
Assignment Division:
- Plain Cloth Officers
- Undercover / Surveillance
- Private Detective Services
Security Protection
- Body Guards & Escorts
- Alarm Response
- Apartment Complexes
- Construction Sites
- Parking Lots
- Traffic Control
- Fur Stores
- Industrial & Commercial Business
- Hotel Security
- Festivals & Carnivals
- Office Buildings
- Mobile Patrol
- Insurance Fraud
- Jewelers

There are many items to consider when you are looking to hire a private security service. Along with the cost factor, most importantly is the dependability and reliability that you will receive from our service. We at Badgerland Security strive to be dedicated to providing nothing but professional services to our clients.